Sunday, April 17, 2011

The city of angels

Ahh today is my birthday and my first full day in LA. We had a great day checking out all the cheesy sights - Hollywood, Rodeo drive, the walk of fame etc etc. I can't work out how to post pics from my iPhone (if anyone knows let me know??) so it's gonna have to wait til I get home!

Fave stores so far - West Elm - gorrrrgeous! And C2B. I am gonna stock up big time while I'm here! Can't wait to share! Well we are both jet lagged as hell so it's off to bed. Night lovers xxx

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Book Club

Today I totally judged a book by its cover - how awesome is this cover?

I will actually buy this book because of its cover, and because it has actually gotten some really good reviews on Good Reads.

Any other book nerds out there on Good Reads?? Honestly, if youre a reader like me, get on board - then add me! Its like the social networking of book reading! You set up a profile, you make friends with other people, and every single book in the history of the world is on there so you mark what you have read, what you want to read and what you are currently reading, and then you can review it. Its actually awesome!

Friday, April 1, 2011


Oh my gosh.. it just dawned on me that we are going to the USA in 14 sleeps! I mean, obviously I knew we were going, but I thought it was still 3 weeks away - 14 sleeps = TWO weeks!

Starting to get super excited now. I wish I could say I have spent hours organising and researching the trip, but hey, thats not me! I have a rough idea of what to do each day, but thats about it!

Im trying to balance out cheesy sightseeing with down time exploring the cities and just breathing it in. I said to David last night while lying in bed, "A morning run through Central Park is probably going to be the highlight of my entire life". I keep invisioning that episode of SITC where Charlotte realises being pregnant doesnt mean she cant continue running. That will be me. Minus the bump.