Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Ok, so I'm on my way to Wednesday morning brekky with my bestie, and I stop into Country Road just for a little squiz. There were about a gazillion people in there so I asked the chick if there was a sale... hmmm... 20% off. In my eyes what does that mean? I NEED to buy something. Its so cheap! How can I let this completely coincidental day of discount slip right by?!

I have blogged before about my struggle with bed linen, and I've had my eye on this blanket for a few weeks, so with 20% off - how could I deny?!


It doesnt even fit in with my current set up. I guess ill have to buy all new stuff! Gosh I make myself laugh..

Anyhoo.. I have a job interview tomorrow.. eek! Actually, lets be honest.. I love job interviews! I dont even know if I want this job though.. but i'll see how I go. Wish me luck..

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Shelf project

Even when we were planning our build, we knew that we wanted to cover an entire wall with shelving to have our 4 million CD's and books on display, along with little trinkets and the like which we have collected over the years. The only issue was the type of shelving we wanted. After searching high and low, we stumbled across Eco-Core White Birch Multiply in a house we went to have a look at.

Ok, ok, so maybe we didnt get it purely for its eco properties - although it does have a pretty low emission rate. It looks amazing and we received the massive (and expensive) sheets yesterday. They are just sitting in the garage waiting for Davey to cut them into sheets of 300 deep.. Im thinking this one will be a Friday night project, so watch this space..


Monday, November 1, 2010

Hi! Its me! Sorry I've been MIA for a while. Thought I'd share a couple of things I am loving at the moment:

- Gorgeous leather 'Ralph Lounge' by Surround Interiors

- La Fiorentina fabric by David Hicks for Lee Jofa in the Grey/White colourwave, posted about on awesome blog Thirteen and South

- I've had my eye on this lamp by Beacon Lighting for a while now - might need a new shade though..

- Loving this Marimekko fabric available on Always Mod. Saw it stretched over a canvas in Real Living and it looked to die for

- Obsessed with finding the perfect retro flip clock for a particular wall in our house. I saw a gorgeous (expensive) one in a mag in the past few weeks and cannot find it again for the life of me!