Saturday, July 31, 2010


My bestie Peaches always writes "Gah!" in her blog/emails/texts when she is excited/shocked/speechless.. so I guess the only way I can express myself right now is GAH! GAH! GAH!!!!!

Oh my gosh - look what I found stranded on the sidewalk this evening.. Can you believe it? I am already going slightly nuts that I cant find a drill bit to get that bad boy undone (even though it is a Saturday night and I found this thing less that 5 hours ago). Tomorrow I might even make my way down to IKEA (!) to get some brand new fabric.. oh yes. Im not going to be sleeping tonight...

Just a few things..

I have been seriously researching images of chalk board walls to convince the boy and I am more on team chalkboard than ever! Look at these spaces!

Also, I went to the SALA opening on Queen Street in Croydon last week and picked up this ever so cute 70's vintage love charm from this little boutique (I forget the name) - not sure what the hell ill do with it but I simply could not deny the cuteness!

One more thing, I might add. I am cooking my first roast in a slow cooker - Dave's mum used to cook a roast like this once a week so he is always wanting me to do it.. so anyway, my entire house smells like meat. Its disgusting. Just thought all of you out there needed to know that!

Peace! x

Friday, July 30, 2010


Here is my ensuite - its a bt of a mess, but can you see the knots?? Thoughts? (Obviously thats not how the sink sits.. ha)


Where the hell do you dispose of unrequired cables? I have a ton of them from old mobile phones, digital cameras, computers and the like and now that we're moving, instead of attempting to untangle them, ive decided to remove them from my existence! I dont want to just throw them out to become land fill.. surely there is somewhere you can take them?

I've left a voicemail message with Zero Waste SA so ill let you know how I go.. unless anyone can tell me?

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Blackboards are so much more these days than Mr Squiggle and I have been planning on painting a feature wall (as such - I hate feature walls) in blackboard paint in my dining area. So while researching ideas and paint brands I found this beauty -

What a fab idea! At the end of each month you just need to rub it all out and draw up the next month. Whoever came up with this beauty is a genius.

Pretty as a Pixel

I have a thing for colour and intentional 'fakeness' - so of course I love this. I have leant this image from a desktop wallpaper on the Smashing Magazine site by designed by Thunder::Tech and im going to paint it. Its going to take some precision and careful planning, but I think I can do it. Just thought id share!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Vanity blues

So I am building a house - I dont believe I have mentioned it thus far. I have had all of the cabinetry done, and the kitchen is beyond amazing. I cried as I walked in the room. It was everything I wanted and more. I was a bit nervous about what it would look like because, as you know, I am addicted to home decorating magazines and I want something that is beautiful and well designed - not something that looks like a Fairmont/AV Jennings/Weeks & Macklin showhome. But there is a problem with the bathroom vanities.

I love Danish furniture, which means I also love a good golden oak timber (not too gold.. if you have any style you know exactly what im on about). Here are a couple examples of the look im trying to pull off (kind of):

I just love the feel of the cool black and whites against the warm golden timber. We have gone with white wall tiles, dark charcoal floor tiles, timber floating vanity and white stone bench tops. I love the look, but the timber veneer laminate we used looks pretty ordinary. This is where using a standard cabinet maker becomes a problem. It looks nothing like the sample and has a whole bunch of knots coming through (ill insert a pic here in a couple days). So now I dont know what to do.

The problem I am having is that no one that is involved in this build understands the look I am trying to pull off. I have tried to explain it, my builder has said in more or less words that he hates it, the cabinet maker doesn't get it and when he tried to show me other options, they are nothing like what im looking for. So im stuck. I cant find a laminate colour I like - I have even gone to suppliers to try and find one.. So anyway.. Im starting to get a bit disheartened about my choice. Do you like it? I need some feedback to keep me positive! Otherwise I may as well just go back to white.. is it too risky? Im doubting my choice!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Life is busy

Ahhh I havent posted in a week.. this always happens to me and blogs! The slightest glimpse of boring, busy life and my blogging habits go bad. But im determined not to let that happen!

Well im back at school and finding it slightly difficult to manage getting up at a normal hour, getting out of my pj's and using my brain for something other than hunting down ridiculously awesome wares. I did buy my first edition of Living Etc magazine this weekend though. Is it bizarre I never even knew this existed? Its a bit more fun than my usual reads.. I must say im a big fan. I guess ill have to find some time to read it, and then find some time to be inspired by it.. then find some time to blog about it!

Until next time.. x

Friday, July 16, 2010


I'm having a really ordinary day. My iPhone broke and has been sent off for repair, my almost in-laws are down for a couple days have taken over my house (right now I am hiding in the study whilst they have made themselves at home in my living area), my little sister is sad because of boys.. and that makes me sad, and I didn't really get anything done that I wanted to... BUT I had a quick squiz at Raw Space today and saw these GORGEOUS owl pillows and door stops. I have seen something similar before which I have wanted to have a go at.. so these have inspired me! Craft day is in order!

The cutie I saw today in Raw Space

Some cute little ones I found a while ago!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pillow talk.

Whipped up these three cute pillows last night for my little sister for $42.50. What a bargain! Will look so pretty in her little vintage style bedroom..

Monday, July 12, 2010

Absolutely Smashing

Smashing Magazine online always has the best desktop wallpapers. Thought id share my latest with all of you out there! Its so... awesome!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

I once fell on a cactus.

It really hurt! But the only thing that hurts about this knitted cactus by Odds and Ends Handmade on Etsy, is that its not in my possession!

Saturday, July 10, 2010


My dad gave me a massive box of Pantone markers when I was a poor Graphic Design student in my younger years, which I of course cherished with all my heart. When I moved back home for a while after a bad breakup, my little sister stole them and ruined the tips in her colouring books... devestated? Yes.

It's only natural that I want this set sooooooooo bad. So for all of you out there reading my amazing blog, Im a few weeks away from housewarming presents.... hint hint!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Here she is.

Look what I found!

What a beauty.. it is oooooozing potential. Lets be honest, ive nearly finished the resoration - just waiting for the varnish to dry! Pics to come soon..

Thursday, July 8, 2010


There is nothing more exciting then having a sneaky little peak in the newsagency at magazines... and seeing that Inside Out has released a Decorating and Renovating Guide on top of their usual bi-monthly ones! Sooooo exciting! I snapped it up of course.. .. along with Frankie, but I've already spent my magazine budget for this month, so ill have to hide them.

I've had a little flick through and here are a couple GORGEOUS things to add to my "I would love these and they would look amazing in my house but will never afford them" list:

Oh my gosh. 'Big Table' by Alain Gilles for Bonaldo is soooo gorgeous. I thought it was a coffee table in the magazine - but alas! Its a DINING TABLE!

How cute are these little ottomans by Schamburg + Alvisse?? I am LOVING greys and charcoals with yellow at the moment.. oh love!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


A few months back at the Bowerbird Bazaar Markets at Queens Theatre in the city, we absolutely over dosed on the amazing cards and prints we found. One stall in particular was Printspace. Whilst drooling over their work at home on my laptop, I saw these amazing prints they do for new babies and with the ridiculous baby boom happening right here in my friendship circle, I just had to get one for the beautiful Charli Sky. I put it in a gorgeous white frame and it looked TO DIE FOR! If I suddenly get knocked up, lets hope someone snaps one of these up for my bubba!


This is a tiny entry to tell you IM UNINSPIRED.

Hmm... I need to do something about this.. im thinking Saturday morning garage sales!?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Today I had a lunch date.

A few months back my beautiful friend and style soul mate took me to Espresso Royale, this gorgeous little cafe on Magill Road, full of personality and retro decor. There we talk about all the exciting and creative things we want to do with our lives....................... then she goes back to work, I go back to school and we wait until our next lunch date to discuss them again.. ha.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Tonight, tonight..

..I completely consumed both of these:

I have been hanging out to see Precious for a while and I cant say I was disappointed. I also squeezed in an AWESOME indie flick which I have been hanging out for as well called "Away We Go" and might I say it was my kind of film all over. Pretty happy with my choice of dvd's this evening!

Well, after my small bout of OCD cleaning, I think its time to go to sleep :)

How inspiring

About a year ago I stumbled upon the blog Ninaribena Makes after her house was featured in Home Beautiful magazine. I loved the way she threw mixed patterns full of colour together and it just worked. One of my favourite things she does is salvage old furniture and turn it into something gorgeous and sunny.. Here are a couple pics of the amazing old pieces she has saved:

Reupholstering furniture was always something I have dabbled in.. although being the impatient person I am, they always end up sitting in my garage, half finished for a year or 2 and then dumped. But a few months ago I found an oldie on the side of the road which needed rescuing! I picked it up and actually finished my first chair. I was so proud of myself that I went and started another straight after.. but it got too hard so I left it. Its been in my shed for about 2 months and my goal is to finish it THIS WEEK! Watch this space for pics kids! (if there actually is anyone out there haha)


Friday, July 2, 2010

Raw Space

One of my favourite Adelaide stores is Raw Space, hidden off Rundle Mall. I pretty much love everything in this store, and if you know me at all you would know that this place was a never fail present zone. Here are a couple of my faves in there at the moment + the gorgeous horse lamp I bought from here a couple years back - still love it!

My black beauty.. or maybe its Mr Ed?

Im obsessed with anything grass green at the moment!

Absolutely awesome pepper grinder..

I want pink flamingos in my garden.. saw it on a Garden show once

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I dont do things in halves.

Right.. when Im inspired, I do something then and there.. no messing about! Im straight to it! Here is my Rachel Castle inspired art work for my sister.

Ok.... so.....

Im putting it out there.

I am obsessed with wedding blogs.

Haha.. im not married, or engaged actually. I am in a relationship that is heading in that direction tho, so I guess thats a small excuse.

I dont know how this happened. I was always the type who screwed up my nose at weddings, laughed at people who got so caught up in them, thought that $4000 spent on a dress was money wasted. But it creeped up on me.. I was a bridesmaid in my ever so cool friends wedding, and she would send me pictures, links to awesome blogs where magical days flooded my screen. So I started 'scrapbooking'. Haha, I cant believe I am letting this cat out of the bag, even to my non existant anonymous cyber friends.

So yeah, im one of those pschyo girls who has her wedding day planned.

Be prepared to have loads of wedding 'ideas' appear on here!