Wednesday, June 30, 2010

While im here..

How AMAZING are these moustache salt and pepper shakers?? I cant believe how awesome they are! They would be perfect for my place.. if only Paperdollwoodshop's store on Etsy werent taking a break from making all their cool stuff..

Rachel Castle

Being the craft head that I am, my heart skipped a little beat when I caught a glimpse of Rachel Castle's hand sewed art works in Real Living this week. I think her works are so cute that she has inspired me to start doing something with those bags of mismatched patterned fabric that I have. Here are a couple pics of her gorgeous stuff..

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I recently went to Bali for a friends wedding. It was a very touristy kind of holiday, we did everything cliche and Aussie; drank Bintangs, bartered down locals to the point you were arguing over 50c, yelling out 'TRANSPORT' when we needed a taxi. I didnt really get a whole lot out of the trip other than a good tan and a few good laughs, to be honest. But here are some amatuer photo's I took with my EOS, which im quietly pleased with. I think that if you spent some time there, with the right group of people and stayed away from Paddy's Bar and Waterbomb Park, it would be a beautiful experience.


I have so many 'pics' folders on my computer.. I may as well load them up to share. My blogs never last longer than a month so lets see how we go this time.. ha.

Anyways, nice to meet you. ox